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Home of the NUT’s National Education and Training Centre

Stoke Rochford Hall has been home to the NUT’s National Education and Training Centre since October 1978. The idyllic and tranquil environment offers delegates a perfect retreat away from the demands of school and home, and provides a peaceful atmosphere for concentration and learning.

Many individual members will already have visited Stoke Rochford on various training programmes or conferences. These training programmes are free and offer a wide selection of residential courses for members and union representatives, with new courses being developed all the time. If you have never been on an NUT training course before, why not apply with a colleague from your school or local authority? For a course information booklet telephone the NUT Training Department on 020 7380 4844 or visit the Union’s website at where you can apply online.

Members of the NUT are welcome to visit Stoke Rochford Hall whenever they wish, either for a holiday break with the family or for one of the special events held regularly at the Hall.

Holiday Breaks

Members receive special rates so a trip to Stoke Rochford may be more accessible than you think. Visit our Holiday Breaks section for further details